Pomega Energy Storage Technologies.

The PomegaCenter is a one-stop-shop for up to 6 GWh of IRA domestic content compliant energy storage technology manufactured in South Carolina, coming in 2024.

LFP cells, modules, and turnkey battery energy storage systems currently manufactured at our factory in Ankara, Turkey.

We’re partnering with leading research institutions in South
Carolina to continuously develop powerful, efficient, and safe energy storage technologies.

Our Product Line

LFP Battery Cell

Powerful. Reliable. American Made LFP Cells.

Module Series

Designed to be fully compatible with your existing system configurations or customized to your design.

Residential Energy Storage

All-in-one battery storage system for your home. Safe, clean, and elegant.

Industrial Energy Storage

Utility-scale, U.S.-made solutions for the largest and most robust energy storage installations in the world.
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LFP batteries are built to endure, outlasting other lithium-ion batteries by thousands of cycles.
Cycle Life per Battery Type
As of September 2021
Pomega is dedicated to supporting the U.S. in its objective to achieve net-zero emissions by supplying the market with powerful, safe, reliable, and durable energy storage technology.