LFP Battery Cell

PLFP-100 / PLFP-150 / PLFP-302

Our IRA-compliant domestic LFP battery offers power, safety, long cycle life, and reliability for utility-scale stationary storage projects. Our cells are designed to be compatible with the widest range of existing modular systems. Pomega's LFP Battery Cell is designed to power the largest and most robust energy storage projects under development.

Unrivaled Safety

Pomega's LFP Battery Cell offers safer lithium-ion tech with robust design, minimizing overheating, fire, or short-circuit risks.

5 X’s as Many Cycles

LFP excels with minimal capacity decline. Our batteries offer 50% more cycles and better round-trip efficiency than NMC cells.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainably Sourced

Pomega's LFP batteries are eco-friendly, free from harmful metals. They rely on sustainable minerals, and over 90% of materials will be recycled by 2030.

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