Residential Energy Storage

PRESS-505, 510, 515, 520

Cutting-edge battery technology and modern aesthetics adds a reliable energy ally to your home. Pair with solar to create your own fully sustainable home power source or hook up to the grid to minimize your energy costs.

Keep the Lights On

Whether paired with your home solar panels at night or during grid blackouts, our Residential Energy solution assures that your family will have power on demand 24/7.

Contribute to a Sustainable Future

Allows your household to take concrete steps to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a clean and sustainable world.

Get Paid

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are growing. They group residential storage to sell excess power, increasing reliability and earning from unused electricity.

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Pomega's smart residential energy system charges during low-price hours, powers your home when prices spike, ensuring cost-efficient electricity round the clock!

Other Products

LFP Battery Cell

Powerful. Reliable. American Made LFP Cells.

Module Series

Designed to be fully compatible with your existing system configurations or customized to your design.

Industrial Energy Storage

Utility-scale, U.S.-made solutions for the largest and most robust energy storage installations in the world.