Industrial Energy Storage


Industrial Energy Storage is our all-in-one turnkey energy storage system. Customizable, scalable, and easily deployable, it's designed and engineered to power large-scale energy storage installations.

Increase Grid Resilliency

Our flexible solution empowers grid operators to enhance stability, black start after outages, conduct energy arbitrage, meet peak demand, and defer transmission upgrades.

Highly Configurable to Meet Your Needs

It is a modular grid-scale solution that allows you to easily and cost-effectively scale up your project to meet growing energy storage requirements and maximize the value of your asset.

Complete Turnkey Solution: All in a one-stop-shop solution

Made in South Carolina, comes fully equipped for efficiency. Includes battery racks, HVAC, fire protection, and more for easy on-site installation.

Over 14 Years of End-to-End Engineering Experience

Pomega, a Kontrolmatik subsidiary, leverages 15 years' experience in global engineering and power projects, with over 60% engineering staff.

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